Who drew this picture?
Why do people make pictures?
Why do we gaze at pictures?
Why is it that, no matter what the times or where you are,
there are always people who draw pictures and people who look at pictures?
There’s definitely something important about art.
What is art?

“What is this?”—“Nan’yaro ne?” in Gifu dialect

When you come to the art museum and look at the works on display, these are the words that naturally come to mind. “Nan’yaro ne?”
We tend to think we ought to know the answers to such basic questions and worry that not knowing will be embarrassing, so often it’s hard to even ask the questions we have. But “What is this?” is really important to ask.

Understanding art also begins with being willing to ask questions. Being able to say "What is this?" is the starting point for communication and for the enjoyment of art. We want more people to know the enjoyment of art.

This is the sentiment treasured by everyone at the Museum of Fine Art, Gifu involved in the “Nan’yaro ne Project.” The Nan’yaro ne Project” unfolds with the exhibitions, the workshops, and other art-appreciation programs.