The exhibition of the series titled “Crosswaves in Art” shows contemporary artists from the Gifu prefecture and has introduced artists who have moved in different directions from the hometown which is located in the center of Japan, as a crossroads in this country.
The artists, Matsuyama Tomokazu, Kimika, Goto Akinori, Yokoyama Nami, and Yamauchi Shota, all of them are from there and are in their 30s or 40s, but their styles are diverse and include paintings, sculpture, textiles, videos and moreover their artistic careers are also different: recent major art award holders, domestic university professors or successful artists overseas.
The title of this exhibition, “Belonging,” has completely different meanings such as “possessions” and “affiliation,” and the meaning in Japanese depends on whether the word is followed by a person or a place. While society is beginning to accept diversity today, which enforces to embrace everyone inclusively, the individuals rely unconsciously on a huge, uniform idea that confirms even diversity. Despite the same generation and the same hometown, they are based in different places outside the prefecture and have developed their unique expression on their own interests. “Belonging” fills in the meaning that is missing in words such as “diversity” and “inclusiveness,” allowing artists to have each attachment and affirming their own place. In the exhibition, we hope that you will enjoy the expressions of the artists who have left their hometown, trace the achievements of each artist, and experience the expanding art world.
Title [The 4th Crosswaves in Art] Belonging: Achievements of Artists from Gifu
Period March 29 - June 23 2024
Open 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
*close on Monday (open on holiday Mondays and closed the following day)
*open until 8:00 p.m. on the third Friday, April 19, May 17 and June 21
*please enter 30 minutes before closing time
Admission Fee Adults ¥1,000 (Group fee ¥900 per person)
University Students ¥800 (Group fee ¥700 per person)
Free for High School Students and younger
(Group discounts apply for groups of 20 or more)
Site  Gallery 3 in the Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu (Address: 4-1-22 Usa, Gifu)
Organizer The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu
Suporter NHK Gifu Broadcasting Station
Cooperators EUKARYOTE
nomena inc.